keep it simple

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Think how complex we are, our lives, we have thousands of things to do lectures to attend, work at the office, social commitments and the list just goes on. Well guess we have become more and more complex with evolution, we don’t just full fill our basic needs as the people in the stone age. Instead we have thousands of other needs. We adding more and more as we evolve social media, fashion needs, technological needs etc. We are evolving towards a complex race but would the most intelligent species be complex or simple.

I have heard that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Its quite true, in the modern products we use if the design is simple wont it be appealing, the user experience of the product would also be overwhelming. Thus simplicity leads to awesome products no doubt. Just think of Google search we all use, the functionality of a search engine is complex but the interface we see just a small box to search, its simple its elegant and how effective is it?. The simple nature has lead to the success.

This simplicity that we talk of isn’t easy to achieve. Einstein has stated that any fool can build something complex, but the important thing is to make it simple. It would take a true genius to make it simple. Simplifying things is no easy task. We also make things complex just think of our lives. Every situation we face we make things worse, we complicate our lives, by bringing the unwanted to our lives. I used to play chess and every time i faced a complex position, what i followed was to “simplify the position”, exchange of some pieces and derive to a situation where you can think straight. To be honest i find it useful in life as well when Im faced with a hard situation when the solution seems unclear simplifying it helps to set your thoughts straights. Some situations may never have a solution and simplification maybe the only way forward.

Being simple is not reducing the activities you do in your life, rather we could see it as eliminating the unwanted things from life. Some people do quite a lot of work and they have that capacity, the amount of work doesn’t make them stressful or depressed. If the works make you happy no problems keep doing it. But for most i guess we are tired of the amount of work. We might need to simplify a bit to be happy. The simplicity could come in many forms after a hectic day do you spend hours on social media? why not have a small rest, sleep or hit the gym rather than going through the posts reading comments, or get more pissed off by controversial topics, or read all the drama there, read off some sad story to blow your mood off, the lists goes on. But if does make you happy do it :) . We are all different we should embrace that.

We all have smart phones with all the apps installed. Do you get thousands of notifications from each social media platform you are on, notifications on the petty stuff for some it might be irritating. But just try a life without a smart phone and see if it really does help. Where you don’t get notifications from your work place when you are at home, or any stupid notification when you are busy at work. My opinion is it might be something really small but you loose your focus and just makes your life more complex. All these i guess not completely correct or wrong instead you should identify the perfect mix which suits you. It differ drastically from individual to individual.

“Simple” can also be “Beauty”. A girl would look much more prettier if she is simple in the sense without all those layers of makeup, well its my opinion. And some girls do not need any costumes for Halloween, a bit of makeup really does the trick ;) . What is more soothing the simplicity of nature or the complex structures of concrete we have built. We are just making our life’s more complex…

Imagine a life without deadlines, maybe less friends on facebook but quality time with your best buddies. A smaller circle maybe more fun and more simple compared to dense network of friends who are also complex and just injects more complexity to your life. The meaning Im conveying should be understood and not mistaken. Just try making your life’s a bit simple for a change if doesn’t suit you, you can always change back :) .

So if you are stressed or tired try simplifying your life, The ultimate simplicity would lead you to the best you can achieve and for that you would need to be a true genius as Einstein has identified.

keep it simple :)