Clardia - Prediction of Diabetes Using Non Invasive Photoplethysmography (PPG) Measurements & Physiological Characteristics.

Photoplethysmography (PPG) can be identified as a non invasive, inexpensive, optic technique which measures the blood volume changes in blood vessels through which oxygen saturation, blood pressure, cardiac output could be measured. In recent researches it has been identified that PPG is a promising technique towards early screening of diseases as the PPG waveform possess significant information embedded within.

Flisma - A Wearable Device to Predict Injuries Due to Throwing

The modern sports arena in comparison to early days have become intensely competitive in nature, which has enhanced the focused on integrating technology towards sports enhancement. The amalgamation of technology with sports could be mainly identified in the areas of sports performance enhancement & sports injury prevention. This project focuses on using existing technologies and concepts to develop a wearable system which could be used for early injury prediction of athletes.

Clardia - A Comprehensive Family Health Assistant

Clardia is a Comprehensive Family Health Assistant which can extract health parameters such as the Weight, Body Fat, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Levels, Temperature and the PPG Signal of the user. Each family member is just required to stand on top of the Clardia device for 20 seconds. The obtained parameters are thus analyzed to identify diseases symptoms in advance and identify the possibility of potential diseases.

Analyzing Skewed Distributions

We use different data analyzing techniques to extract meaningful information. These techniques could vary from statistical methods, machine learning methods etc. In some cases we assume the normal distribution of data but in reality the data we obtain may not possess these ideal characteristics that we assume. In such cases some sought of a transformation is required to convert the real data to a normal distribution so that we could carry out the analysis. The practical distributions could be in the forms such as Right skewed, Left skewed , or with a couple of peaks.This article is mainly focussing on skewed distributions, and methods to convert them to a normal distribution.

Gym Tracker – An IoT weight scale to record the weight of Gym User’s

Gym Tracker, as the name suggests is a device capable of recording the weight of the users in order to identify the weight changes based on the requirements of the user. The system is able to identify the user via the RFID in the Gym Membership card and thus record the value of the particular user and communicate through wifi to record the data in the cloud server. The user is able to track the movement of his weight through the iWeight application developed.

Rampage – Not another Conventional Line Following Robot

The task was set to design an Analog Line Following Robot without the use of any Micro controllers. This was a quite straight forward task which requires the use of a closed loop feedback from line sensors (usually a combination of a LED/LDR), which is used by the Controller which includes a comparator. But me and my team thought of a different method to achieve the required task by thinking of a new design.