Flexible Strategies.

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“True artists of strategy, will design flexible strategies to converge towards their goals in the most unexpected and beautiful routes.”

The delightful feeling of freeness is hard to come by if you are a person with great rigidity or inflexibility. You can always choose to “Be Solid as a Rock or flow freely like water… “. But to feel the bliss of freeness, you should follow something I like to reference as a !exible strategy towards life.

Predicting the future is hard or impossible. There are many inter related complex variables, which we will have to consider when deriving at the possible outcomes of a situation or a decision. In such an environment clearly deEned rigid strategies might not be the most effective, but rather a flexible strategy. Flexibility is also directly linked with the adoptability to change. The species who are to survive adverse situations are the ones who are the quickest to adopt to the situation which would be impossible with a rigid mindset.

Change is hard, change takes time. But we are changing everyday. Every minute that pass by something changes. Change is the only thing which is unchanged. In such a context why not use flexible strategies. If we set our self a rigid strategy without the slightest consideration of change, there is a possible that we wont be able to achieve the said objective or the possibility that the achieved objective be useless by the time of achievement.

This is true in any life decision you make, selecting a field of study, pursuing the right career and even selecting your life partner. At most instances in these strategic decisions which we need to undertake, we are quite blurry and we have a level of uncertainty. Uncertainty is accepted due to the uncertain changing environment which we live in and partly due to the inability to understand our ultimate goal in life. You might make a mistake selecting your Eeld of study / subjects and might even be stuck with something you don’t really enjoy. It would be the same if your career path or profession you choose becomes obsolete in future… and there is so much uncertainty even in the person you choose as your partner, hindering your freedom as well as your flexibility.

To avoid all this why not refrain from setting long term rigid strategies and trying hard to achieve them in such a volatile environment. We could rather have a basic outline or a sketchy long term goal and focus on short term flexible strategies.

For an example, what if the next time you choose your field of study, you don’t seclude in to one rigid path. Rather make sure you also study subjects with variety helping you out to pivot if you need to. A student selecting physical science may want to pivot back to anything ranging from business studies, art and even law, which would have been possible if you had accounted for change.

A person who chooses a career in electronics might want to switch careers into software, management or even academia. This would be possible only if you had in mind the flexible strategy, and setup your decisions in such a manner with great flexibility. It does not imply that if you pursue a rigid strategy you can’t pivot back, but certainly it will be hard. And yeah maybe the flexible strategy applies for love as well. You might fall out of love anytime. So be flexible! In every decision you make just think of the flexibility component embedded, and whether the decision will help you and is accounted for change.

There are many advantages in a flexible strategy. When you work towards a goal and fall out half way through, following a flexible strategy would help you mentally, and you wont emotionally fall down compared to a rigid strategy, where you would feel total despair and desperation.

A person who follows flexible strategy would have analyzed all of the possibilities available and ready for change. He / She will have more than a plan A up their sleeve but a wide variety. It is like a game of chess with all the variations and combinations arising at each step. At every turn the game is brand new. This is the same in life, in every change, every minute the clock ticks the environment changes and thus your strategies should change too. Even though you make !exible strategies at each step the end goal is certain. You are playing for the win!

“True artists of strategy, will design flexible strategies to converge towards their goals in the most unexpected and beautiful routes.”

In any strategy rigid or flexible it will always bear risks, the charm would be not to have “Fear of Failing…” but rather to stick to your instinct and be confident and know that it is ok to fail. And which ever decision you take make sure to analyze and utilize all the information you got, so you wont repent if it goes wry. Make the best decision and develop the best timely strategies. Every step you make in life is a decision it self, sometimes we have to take decisions under time constraints and pressure just like a game of chess. Your success in life will be based on the quality of 7exible strategies you make under pressure and time constraints.

Flexible strategies would lead to the bliss of freeness and the ultimate success of happiness.