Enjoy the present moment by doing what you love..

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Most of us in life follow the status quo, where we get in to a university and go for the highest paid job and get stuck in the never ending loop. If you are doing something you love as your job, you wont feel any frustration. But on the contrary a majority are stuck in job’s which they hate, or somehow the job does not make them happy…

Another important fact is people do not know what they love, what makes them happy, and what they really want to do. One must take sometime to understand what he or she really wants to do in life to be happy. This self understanding is really hard. You might easily get wrong, what you want. Its really important to understand deep down what you really want. Question your self why and dive deep in to find out what makes you really happy.

The answer you have right now for this question might not be accurate, where your real ambitions, likes hidden. These ambitions could easily be forgotten due to short term targets of money, fame etc. Once you identify what you really want I believe you would be able to enjoy the present moment. Doing what you love at the present moment enhances the quality of life.

Way too much of analysis into the future also forbids you to do what you really love. You might be scared to pursue your present interests thinking that it might affect your long term stability or financial position.

But the truth is at the present moment when you do what you love, it will extract the best in you. The best version, the best output of you would emerge. The continuous extraction of the best in you would help you towards greater value creation. Through focussing on what you love everyday I believe that you would be able to produce something really unique to the world, and the value you create would be far greater than sticking in with the conventional status quo.

I believe at least at the end you would have some self satisfaction of what you enjoyed, in the event you not achieving the expected success pursuing your dream.

This is just another idea that I have. In summary the hypothesis is…

“Continuously engaging in what you love to do at the present moment, will result in producing the greatest value creation, greatest impact that you can make in the world.”

At the present moment I do not have examples, facts to support my claim. But I’m currently trying to test out this hypothesis and focus on doing what I really love to see where it will take me.

When I ask the above questions from my self, I understood that I love to do research to work on new ideas and in the same time I love to write. Thus for the next 12 months I would be focussing on my research on Clardia and continue penning my thoughts in Olivescript. These were hard decisions to make considering the stability and financial security the other conventional options offered. However doing what I love to obtain the greatest happiness at the present moment seem a far better choice. (Touch wood & fingers crossed :D )

I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences on this idea. Whether this is indeed the best method where we can extract the best in people for significant value additions to the world. If this proves to be a solid method, it would help us to be successful & happy.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section analyze the various aspects regarding this idea.