The Artificial Bubble

5 minute read


The world is a busy place filled with different people not only based on their color, caste or creed but also regarding their attitudes and behavior. It’s a real complex aspect to identify these behavioral aspects of the society. In such a situation it is an interesting to investigate the driving aspects of these behavioral patterns. The Darwinian view of life can be identifies as the survival of the fittest. Life evolved sequentially and only the fittest survived. The species who were able to embrace change and thus the life evolved. I do not wish to brag on the scientific facts of this view but rather relate it to the modern day society where those who possess wealth and power are regarded as the fittest. In such a scenario it would be quite interesting to identify the behavior of the society relating to these factors.

In most instances we hear about how the inferior faces injustice due to the powerful and the wealthy. This is quite a common thing today in the society. Where the true talented skilled may not be crowned instead the individuals who have more contacts and who indulge in unethical dishonest activities are crowned. This may well be a demotivating fact for the true talent and this may result in frustration which would lead to a loss of talent. For those unfortunate the message would be not to give up, which would be really easy to say but hard to execute. The true talent therefore today cannot be measured by the number of awards or the prizes as today they may well be artificially created.

The world is moving towards such an “Artificial Bubble”. When we look at a person are we really looking in to them or the image that they have created. A person can act as a saint and present them to the society, but the Artificial Bubble i see is far more worse. The person who you admire for his or her personality success maybe be the most brilliant fraud. You may look at his awards, prestige in the society but what if the path he chose to achieve was the ugliest and the most dishonest. Unfortunately you know nothing and you personally would praise the bugger, an environment it self will be created where recognition follows him, and this recognition would lead him to more fame, more awards more

prestige but all of it is based on lies maybe only a few would know, and there voice would be drowned by the majority. I feel this is quire common, we no longer know what it is right what is wrong, and who the saint is and who the devil is, we are being manipulated and i feel it has drastically increased with social media and the development of technology.

The things we find on social media, is it the truth? or are they lies? how can we distinguish them? . There is no real method, news travel like wild fire creating havoc, thus it is now easy to manipulate us more than ever before. Unfortunately the majority of the social media users doesn’t see this, they expect everything they see to be the truth may it be a political article, may it be a health article. So isn’t it fair to think that we are stuck in a digitally created manipulating environment. We are being fed information according to our like by algorithms, we are missing on a whole new set of perspectives. We are stuck in the Bubble.

Also nothing we see is true anymore , even nothing we hear would be true anymore as well thanks to the new technologies that are being developed where our voice can be manipulated easily. So few years back we lost the ability to find the truth by vision thanks to photo editing softwares and now even through voice, and Im pretty sure next in line would be both combined where videos which would look so real and thus manipulate us. So how do we look through this? We humans are running out of senses, the senses we have our taken over by technology, this may well be the fictional AI invasion on planet Earth. My view is that we are already invaded up to a certain degree. We are living in a simulation tailor made for us by the algorithms. They control what we see online, we are being controlled up to a certain extend, it might not look severe now but it may in future with all these development. We could be invaded by the AI algorithms we develop and we might not understand it until we are too late. It is important to look into this, social media and digital media have more power us now than never before, you can change governments, elect presidents through social media, it is growing powerful day by day and it is for the worst as we have fed it with all the misleading information, unfortunately we humans always use the technology for destruction.

So in conclusion we are living in a misleading world, the person who you meet may not be the saint you think he is. So be careful think twice, don’t follow the obvious think different embrace the facts. We cant take decisions based on what we see what we hear so we can only decide once we have all the facts straight. I don’t know how exactly you are going to take the decision, but be careful trusting and following the fake, the fraud will not end up pleasant because we still have the optimistic hope that one day the truth would surface…. and i hope its not too late.