fear of failing!!

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The goals we set ourself, the effort and hard work we put in can all be undone by fear & guilt. We set ourself goals and work towards it but at times we are afraid to set ourself higher goals. We are afraid to reach too high with the fear of falling. Sometimes this fear restricts us from dreaming and pursuing dreams which might well be the next great invention. Doing something which has never been done needs courage and as well as you need to overcome fear. So its quite evident that fear is a crucial limiting factor of success.

For some of us, fear hits us in the beginning where we don’t start at all where as for some it creeps in along your journey for success. Once you start achieving, once you start actually being successful how can you feel fear ?? Some of you might have felt it. There comes a point in success that you start to feel the fear of failing.

“I cant fail now i have come this far.” This where you are yet again tested. You are afraid that you will fail after doing so much and that all this effort you put in will be wasted. You try to fool yourself i am successful, now i should be conservative and make sure that i don’t fall from this point. yeah its true you need to consolidate but not because of fear! If fear creeps in you will not reach that full potential you will settle on for something below that. why ? Because you are afraid to fail. This occurs in business or in sports or games. You see a clear win you have set all the ground work towards it, but in the middle you want to settle for a draw, or settle for some where below your expectation ensuring you will not loose from their.

If you are giving in to this fear, with time you will fall. Negative actions you take because of the “fear of falling” will lead you falling in the longer run, where you will never be able to come back strong. You will not have time to bounce back in and trust me all the motivation you built up and all the power you had will drain with all the negativity. On the other hand if you keep working and “trusting your self” and eliminating fear you will reach greater heights. Even if you somehow fail you will be able to rise backup quickly, because you once did it, you can do it again. But believe me fear at this penultimate stage in your success would engulf you with guilt and remorse once you look back in life and you will hope that you weren’t scared and that you “trusted yourself”.

Fear of failing is nothing new, failure is nothing new. We all fail in points in life. The strongest character is the one who stands even though he failed. The way you rise back will define you. Accept failure and don’t be afraid. Once you eliminate fear you will achieve your true potential and the key for eliminating fear and eliminating the fear of failure is trust. The strong don’t rely on miracles nor on wishes or hope. What they rely on is themselves, they trust themselves and they have faith in themselves. They will eliminate this fear through trusting themselves. Fear only creeps up when you doubt your self, so don’t just have the trust and faith in you, you set your goals and only you can achieve them.

Its ok to fail, accept it that is nature. but its not ok to be engulfed in fear and fear of failing. Which would start transforming you into something else. But once you accept that you can fail thats when you eliminate fear. Believe in your self.