Be Solid as a Rock or Flow Freely like Water

3 minute read



We are taught to be strong in life, to be strong as a rock or to standup like a mountain in tough situations. So that we would be immovable during times of stress, pain and agony. Standing strong in such situation will ultimately result in you having the better of the tough tight situation you are put in. But we never talk of the reverse possibility. What if you loose, what if you shatter into pieces like a rock!!..

Once a rock shatters there is no coming back from it, One might say that you weren’t strong enough. But the truth is there is always a limit to be strong. When all the odds aren’t in your favor you might not be able to fight back. You might be undergoing a severe illness which no matter how strong you are, you might not be able to face it. Its important to admit the fact that some stuff are beyond us and its not a weakness to admit it. We can’t always stand strong, we need to take a step back, sometimes we need to retreat, for our own well being. Standing strong might only result in us shattering into pieces…

The rock solid strong nature could be both in mental and physical nature. Everything physical thing has a limit. Everything has a breaking point, let it be the toughest rock or substance you find, there will always be a limit. But what if you could flow like a liquid, flow freely like water..

Water is strong when it needs to be, it can crash with force and also slip through or go around obstacles it can never move. It flows freely and peacefully at ease. Not all problems have an answer, not all battle are won, we must bare it in mind and learn to live with compromises when we must. We must always try, try our best, but when the time comes if we can’t crash down the barrier we must go around it, which will be success rather than breaking into pieces like a rock. The true essence and understanding of this article being that we cannot overcome everything, and at times we must live with our failures, we must live another day to fight another battle, but not be broken into pieces, which can be never put together.

So be like water, be calm be quiet, be violent and strong when you need or simple slip through when you can’t win. This is the reality in life we must work with what we have. Water can take any shape, likewise we must be able to adapt to any given circumstance and act accordingly. We always forget the force of water and underestimate its power, water forms floods and tsunami’s which are quite devastating…. water is crucial for us for our survival where we are made of quite a percentage of water within, its an essential of life… so face all your challenges like water…