Legend, Legacy, wait for it….. Legendary!!!!

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We are all fascinated by the stories of Legends, their success stories, the motivation that they bring in, the image they have created. We start looking at them in a new eye, some start worshiping them…. There would always be legends in what ever the field we talk we about. You just need to stand up from the rest of your competitors. In essence it is also another competition where the strongest, the most successful crowned as the Legend. Thus to be a legend you should just be different, unique and successful than the rest. Anyone can at least try to be a Legend right? In life always there is always much more we fail to see.

The Legends of today, will they be crowned as Legends of tomorrow?

If the answer is “NO” they cannot be Legends at all, but in reality with time we also evolve with new skills, new achievement. There is no stopping in development and success. Be it space exploration, be it the next big thing in technology, we evolve in rapid pace, thus new Legends born and the old ones possibly forgotten. But what if you build a Legacy?

We just see the Legend as he or she is, the image created. The path to be a Legend may not be that straight forward, it could be treacherous. In history many leaders became Legends but by wiping out entire races… Some suppressed their peers to become a Legend. There could always be a “dark side” of legends, although differentiating factor of a Legend and a Legacy lies within the self-centeredness, egoism and self- interests. Some people focused on being a Legend but not about their surrounding environment. They became Legends, but they didn’t become Legendary!

The true Legends create Legacies which last for centuries. The real Legends have a much broader focus of life. I was watching Medici: The Masters of Florence recently, those bankers created a Legacy, when we look at back at history we see many Legacies, Dynasties the individuals had a collective goal, not becoming a Legend themselves. The pyramids of Egypt completing them took years, where the fruits were born by the younger generations. Those people in between the periods had a common goal, not to be a Legend themselves, but rather create a Legacy…

Today we see many individuals who focus on becoming Legends, but forgetting the surrounding, the greater good, the future goals. We see politicians bringing new policies, but not focusing on the progressions. People like to speak of the new innovative changes they make, but at what cost? Tearing down the existing strategies, if its for the better OK. But the bitter truth we want to do new things, attract fame to be a Legend of that time. This is true all other fields sports, businesses etc. The reasons for succession planning is this. if not managed there would be one or two Legends and plenty of bad times…

When we compare the formation of the universe our lifespan is minute. The truth lying in that we can never achieve success alone… Rather than focusing on being a Legend, we should focus on building a Legacy… The entire world is based on this collective nature. We can’t re invent the wheel. We start from where our ancestors left off, we are part of a huge Legacy and unfortunately we don’t see it. We cannot explore space in one life time… it’s the truth for everything…. Its important to understand this fact a focus on the greater good for people… and have some responsibility towards future… What we do would reflect upon the future and and could have severe impact… let it be environment pollution, let it be new government policies…

we need to bear in mind that we have responsibility of the future which shouldn’t be compromised becoming a Legend. Thus our collective effort must be to focus on a Legacy than being a Legend which would ultimately make us Legendary!!!