Failures in the past, worries of the future…

3 minute read


When you look back in life have you felt how stupid you was ? the blunders you wish that you never made. Its quite common we all do make mistakes, but if we are unable to accept it we run into multiple issues. The controversial decisions you made in the past may seem a disaster or idiotic now but at that moment it might have not felt so. You might have thought it through and took a decision which may seem a mistake now but we cannot blame the past us. Its easy to analyze something which has already happened but its not easy to take a decision with limited information or facts. So its not intelligent of you to blame yourself for decisions you have made some time back…..

What if you do blame your self and you are unable to let go of the fact that you have made a mistake. It might be something affecting right now and you just repent of the decision. You are stuck in the past, thinking of the mistakes you have done, thinking what you should have done. If you don’t let it go slowly but surely “depression” would find the way in.

The constant regret will make you depressed about your past where you are trapped in your own thoughts. You over think, you re visit the situation but you can never change what happened. The only solution is to accept it and focus on what you can do rather than what you cant. These regrets can be things you have done or even things you didn’t do. What ever it is, its unhealthy to hold on to the past and be depressed, instead let go of the past and make peace within. Letting it go may be forgetting some things some people, but its all for your benefit so just close that chapter in life. One bad chapter doesn’t define you.

” We can never go back and start off our story brand new, but we can move on to the next chapter and make a difference.”

Similarly to being depressed about the past some of us keep worrying about our future. Unlike the past the, the future we can make a difference. But if we worry, if we overthink our potential would decrease. Worrying too much can also lead to “anxiety”. Overthinking the future is in vain, we can never control the exact outcome. We can be prepared for the outcomes and face the challenges but there is no point in overthinking the possibilities and mentally stuck in these situations. Some times we contemplate the future. We contemplate about all the bad things which can happen, all the things that could go wrong. Although this anticipation up to a extent is important, too much of it would lead you to get stuck in some dream world you have created. You will be your own prisoner in the cell named future you have created where you are anxious of all the negativity. Stuck in this hole of negativity will affect you in actually preparing for future and for your success.

Hence in summary not letting go of the past and the failures could lead to depression, and overthinking and worrying over the future would lead to anxiety. Both would be detrimental to you to achieve success in life and for your enjoyment and peace of mind.