See the Good in people or the Real in people ?

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Someone once told me that we should try to see the good in people. True, its how the strong people look at the world. In a positive manner always giving people chances. We are never complete or perfect. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. We go through good times we go through bad times. But no matter how hard you try some people will only see the negativity or the bad in you.

The society is such that it remembers all the bad things you have done, or the weaknesses you have. The society will press on your wounds and use your weaknesses against you no matter how hard you try, or even though you are reformed now, even though you have corrected your weaknesses. They will remind you of the past. “The wounds may have been healed, but they will talk about your scars”. For an example, if you were drug addict or you had a uncontrollable temper even though you have overcome it all, they will remind you of it and judge you based on your past. But amongst these ruthless people there are those who would see the good in you and give you a chance, to be better.

Its debatable whether a person deserves a second chance, and whether you can trust the person when you consider his or her actions in the past. Some people never change… but those who truly have changed is it fair for us to remind them of their past. That person would be yearning for a fresh beginning, but the society will keep reminding of the past and start judging. But its not totally fair to judge the person on their past, everyone deserve a chance and we must always see the good in the person and help them to be better. Thats what strong people would do.. compared to the hypocrites who pull people down and expose the scars that they try hard to conceal.

So seeing the good in people sounds good and its the right thing to do. Is it ??

We should see the good in people, but it could me misleading. People can be so manipulative. We only see what they wish to show us. We try hard to see the good in people and tolerate them and help them. But what if we are just being played. Some times when we see the good in people and we are blinded. We sometimes trust people too much. We see the good we trust and we end up hurt. Sometimes what ever they do we try to justify their actions, we deceive ourself. I think it could be quite common in love, where we at times fail to see the negatives of the person. So bearing all this in mind how should we approach.

I guess the friend who taught me to see the good in people wasn’t entirely correct. “Don’t just try to see the good in people, don’t try to see the bad in people either. Try to see the Real in people”.

Yes, we should try to see the “Real” in people. None of us are perfect, we shouldn’t judge solely based on the merits or nor on the weaknesses. Rather we should try to see the real him/her. Its hard to understand people. The youth sometimes fail to identify the actions of their parents which are carried out in love. If they are hard on us we take it as a bad thing. Or we might even see good in bad friends and end up mingling with them and getting in to trouble. The overprotectiveness or the jealousy of your loved ones may be irritating and you might see it in a negative aspect. But if you see the real in the person, you will understand him/her. You will know why they acted in this particular way.

Sometimes the actions of friend might hurt you. But if you know who he/she really is, you will forgive, you will understand. Lets say your friend hurt you in some way. In reality it might have been in a genuine mistake. But if you judge based on the good that person has done , or the way you were hurt, you might well be overlooking, you could end up loosing someone who really cares. Instead of judging if you saw the “Real” in the person, you would understand that he/she might have flaws but they always want the best for you. Most relationships, friendships are ruined because we fail to see the real in people. We just judge based on the good or bad. But “Real” is something unique which isn’t good or bad.

In conclusion because of our inability to see the “Real” in people two things occur, • We judge based on some bad habit or flaw of a person and end up loosing a person who really cared about you. • When we are blinded by the good in people we end up being played and manipulated.

“The princess charming might turn out to be a witch in disguise.” thus the importance to see the Reality. Lets stopping judging, it might be hard but lets try to see the “Real” in people.